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General Medicine


We strive to provide great care and we also understand the workers’ compensation system and how it impacts your company. Our goal is to not just fix the problem and affect a cure, but to also do it as efficiently as possible.

We make all decisions based on sound medical treatments. When an employee needs work restrictions, they will be based on the injury and be clearly communicated to both the employer and the employee.

We keep in mind that employee works for you, the company, not for us. It is not up to us to send the injured employee home. We will give the employee reasonable restrictions and let you decide if you can accommodate these restrictions. After seeing a new injury, the doctor will call you, the employer, and simply explain the injury, treatment plan and any necessary restrictions. We will give you a time frame to expect recovery.

We are just a phone call away to answer any of your questions regarding a specific injury or general medicine question.

Our goal with any injured employee is for both the employer and employee to understand the injury and its treatment. Both the employee and employer will have their concerns listened to and addressed.

Injury Treatment

When you have an injured employee, you need excellent medical care as well as clear communication between the doctor, the worker and the company. We understand the impact this has on all parties and we take care of the employee and listen to the company.

Pre-employment Physicals

We have a range of physical exams tailored to your workplace needs.

Physical Abilities Testing

Our exams include grip strength, static push and pull strength, dynamic lifting, and carry – all exams are conducted by trained medical personnel and match the worker to the functions of the job

Instant Drug & Alcohol Testing

Rapid results (within hours for negative results) on testing for either a 5 panel or 10 panel test for a wide range of drugs.

MRO Services

Certified Medical Review Officers serve at PhysioHealth Clinic and test results are communicated to the donor by the MRO, relieving the employer of the liability of the test report. The MRO will advise you regarding guidelines for dealing with positive results.