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Many patients have questions regarding their visit to the PhysioHealth Clinic in Kent, Washington. We have provided the following information and frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your visit.

Will I need to bring any paperwork?

Please bring any medical insurance cards and any necessary claims forms. This will speed the admissions process. If you have pre-registered and recently changed insurance companies, please bring your current insurance card and forms.

Will I need a referral?

No. If you need a referral any of our providers are available to perform consultative examination and referral if necessary. If you already have a referral from your own provider, we will happily work with them and give updates and reports.

How soon will I be able to be seen and do you take walk-ins?

If you have a true medical emergency you should call 911. However, we make every effort to see patients who require immediate attention. Some services are easier to schedule than others. For example, seeing the Specialist Marvin Brooke, MD may require a longer wait than having a massage. Fortunately, since we all work together, usually some element of your care or evaluation may begin the same day.

How much does it cost?

If you have insurance, we are usually contracted with that insurance to accept what they pay for any given service. Often it is for less than our usual fee schedule because they offer free advertising for us and volume discounts. Sometimes the insurance you have is almost useless if not deceptive. Some have a higher co-pay than the treatment itself! Fortunately, because our insurance verification process includes checking for physical therapy, chiropractic, medical and massage, we can save you money by combining your benefits. For example, Medicare requires an X-ray before any chiropractic treatment but doesn’t pay for it? Solution: Medicare pays for an X-ray when referred by a medical doctor, here, at the same clinic using our own X-ray facility. This type of insurance behavior is more common than not and costs you money.

Our usual fee schedule is dependent on many factors such as severity and services required. For example, a basic chiropractic visit may be as little as $35 but up to $90 if the doctor spends a long time during exercises one on one or doing additional manual therapy.

The massage visit is for as little as $60 per hour but there are discounts for purchasing four visits, which drops it to $50/hour.

If you do not have insurance and qualify for financial hardship there are fee reductions and payment plans available. You may also qualify for charity care as well.