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Condition: Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Cardiac Rehabilitation programs are recommended for individuals who:

  • Have experienced a heart attack or other cardiac event
  • Have recently undergone heart surgery or procedures
  • Suffer from a heart condition (such as coronary heart disease)

When a person has experienced cardiac challenges, it is especially important to provide a safe, monitored environment as they work to return to improve upon or return to previous levels of fitness.


Typically a patient will receive physical therapy following a cardiac event either in the hospital or in a rehabilitation center. Following this initial phase, however, it continues to be important to recover fully and continue to increase muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance.

We can provide an exercise program specifically designed for your mobility and fitness level. The exercises suggested will help to increase strength, flexibility and improve aerobic capacity. Heart rate and blood pressure will be carefully monitored as progress is made. One of the main goals of a cardiac rehabilitation program is to provide the instruction and education needed to continue a safe, effective exercise program in an exercise group, gym or home setting.

Next Step

If you have been diagnosed with a cardiac condition or you are recovering from a cardiac event and are interested in physical therapy, you should contact your health provider or PhysioHealth as soon as possible. Our integrative medicine team and unique multi-specialty clinic in Kent, Washington can help.

Patients who consistently exercise safely and apply the suggestions received at physical therapy enjoy greater comfort and an improved quality of life.