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Condition: Bursitis

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Throughout the body, small, fluid-filled pads cushion the muscles, tendons and bones of the joints. These are called “bursae”. These pads are filled with lubricating fluids. They decrease friction and irritation within the joint. When these cushions become inflamed, the result is called bursitis. The shoulder, hip and elbow joints are the most common areas affected by bursitis. However, other joints such as the knee, toe and heel can also be impacted.

When bursitis occurs, the most common symptoms are pain, stiffness, achiness or swelling.

Many times, bursitis is caused by frequent, repetitive motion. Many sports or athletic activities can cause this condition. Those with high-risk work activities are often affected (for example plumbers, carpenters, painters).

Bursitis can also result from sudden injuries.

Another factor can be age. Tendons in the joint can become less elastic and are more easily injured, affecting the bursae.

How Can Physical Therapy Help With Bursitis?

Your physiotherapist will certainly deal with you one-on-one to create a therapy plan that is one-of-a-kind to your condition and body. They’ll additionally consider activities or pastimes in which you often take part to potentially change parts of your way of life to profit your total therapy. Physical therapists have many devices in their tool kit and may incorporate therapy methods such as:

  • Manual therapy to assist soothe stress on joints bordering the bursa swelling.
  • Custom exercises to increase your range of activity as well as reinforce muscular tissues surrounding the affected area. The tasks will certainly differ based on the area of your bursitis. Ex-spouse: For bursitis of the hip, your physiotherapist might have you execute tasks to extend and also strengthen the reduced back as this location adds to hip muscle mass rigidity.
  • Activity modifications to utilize the appropriate muscular tissues when performing everyday activities and also decrease your possibility of reinjury.

Physiotherapists can give the needed tools to deal with bursitis, permitting you to return to your daily activities pain-free as well as much more long lasting than ever. To read more regarding bursitis or to eliminate any type of current discomfort, publication a physical therapy analysis today.


Physical therapy treatments can significantly help the healing process of bursitis. Individualized stretching and exercise programs will be recommended to help with healing and maintaining strength and flexibility.

A number of therapeutic modalities can significantly reduce pain and accelerate the healing process. These include hot or cold packs, ice massage as well as devices such as shortwave diathermy, ultrasound or electrical stimulation.

Next Step

If you have been diagnosed with bursitis or suspect that you have this condition, you should contact your health provider or PhysioHealth as soon as possible.
Our integrative medicine team and unique multi-specialty clinic in Kent, Washington can help you reduce the pain and discomfort of bursitis while strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility.