page-fractureBones have a lot of nerve connections running through them. Bone fractures, even small cracks in the bone, can be painful and frustrating. In many cases the most challenging aspect of a fracture is the time it takes to heal.

When a bone is fractured, there are actually three phases that will occur in the healing process. These are:

  • Inflammation phase
  • Reparative phase
  • Remodeling phase

In the inflammation phase, specific cells are drawn into the injured area. Initially, these cells serve to clean up the location, and then repair cells will be drawn into the area. This inflammation is natural, but extended inflammation can cause pain and actually decrease the healing process.

The next phase is called the reparative phase. This phase doesn’t usually begin until approximately two weeks after the fracture. Proteins create what is called a soft callus on the damaged area. This will eventually become a hard callus as the bone heals.

The third phase is the remodeling phase. During this time the bone actually restructures on a cellular level.